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Jumping Right In

Posted on Thu Sep 19th, 2019 @ 3:00pm by Lieutenant JG Miracle Swiftpaws

Mission: Canary
Location: Aerospace Port
Timeline: MD 1 :: 1300 hrs

Miracle returned to the space sport with a brief stopover at Fleet QM for her quarters. Since she was single and didn't really need that much space, took up a room in the Officer's Billets.

It didn't take long for her to replicate herself a uniform. A bit modified to accommodate her furry physique, and change into it. She stored the clothing she changed in the available storage type furniture.

She then made her way to the Aerospace port where the shuttle crafts that belonged to the Colony was located.

She walked into the vast warehouse where a lot of supplies, building materials was stored and being sorted. She dodged a few forklifts and personnel loading up Shuttle modified for hauling cargo. Her head swiveled to take the activity going on around her as she made her way to the offices. She listened to the general conversations going on around her till she stepped through the doorway into the much more quieter Office section.

"Squeak" Miracle spoke up as she approached a group that looked like they was in charge. "Hi'z." Getting their attention. "Iz the new pilot around here."

They looked her over, taking in the uniform and rank. One of the more senior nodded to her. "Be with you in a moment, Lieutenant." Turning back to the group and finished up with the brief conference with them. He motioned for her to follow as he headed towards his office.

Miracle followed as directed, entering the office behind him and closing the door behind her. She looked around at the organized clutter of the room as the man took a seat and spoke to her. "Captain Mahone informed me you would in tomorrow."

"Iz don't like sitting around when there is more interesting work to be done." Miracle took the remaining cleared seat across from the desk from him after given the signal she could.

"Good." He smiled looking over her info. "With your qualifications, I am surprised they sent someone of your qualifications way out here, instead of sticking you on a ship or starbase."

"Squeaaah. Iz know. But whoze knows how High Brass thinks these days." Miracle nodded as she looked upward briefly.

He smiled a bit. "I hear you. Hope you don't mind hauling freight all over the place and civilians. Maybe some livestock."

"Don't mind as long as the receiving end cleans the cargo area after hauling livestock." Miracle spoke softly.

He laughed. "Like the Civilians will listen to you."

Miracle nodded with a small smile and a twinkle in her eyes. "If theyz are lucky, just once." Eyes narrow and her voice lowered in menace.

He looked at her intently, Miracle looked back at him till he relented. "Just a fair warning. They don't complain to me. They complain to Captain Mahone."

Miracle looked thoughtful. "Then a new policy then. Wez don't haul livestock at all. Theyz provide their own transport."

"Good luck." The Warehouse Manager spoke with a chuckle at the determination of Miracle.

"Hope wez have other pilots." Miracle shot back as she picked up a PaDD and looked it over. "Cause there will be a lot of dirty cargo haulers."

"You maybe fighting a losing battle." He turned and moved off to supervise loading of a shuttle.

Miracle looked through several PaDDs to see what was on the manifest for the various ships waiting to be loaded.


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