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Of Mice and Men

Posted on Sun Sep 15th, 2019 @ 9:03pm by Lieutenant JG Miracle Swiftpaws & Captain Luka Mahone

Mission: Canary
Location: Captain's Office, Command Center
Timeline: MD 01 1129 Hrs

Miracle had memorized the important locations within the colony, left the terminal for Fleet headquarters here on the colony. She caught a ride with one of the civilians that had settled here.

"Where you going, Miss Mouse?" The big burly guy asked as Miracle climbed into the vehicle.

"Iz would like to go Fleet Headquarters." Miracle gave the gentleman a friendly smile as she settled in and closed the door.

"Another Fleeter? Colonist?" The guy asked as he engaged the vehicle to get it moving. He gave her a glance, looking a bit curious.

"Iz Fleeter. A pilot." Miracle responded to his honest inquiries as she wasn't in standard fleet regulation uniform.

A quick drive through the settlement, brought her before the Fleet Headquarters building. "Squeakies!" Miracle gave her thanks as she hopped out and slammed the door closed behind her.

The guy winced and then laughed, waving off the door slamming when he saw her apologetic look. He floored the vehicle and soaked her with snow and ice when the tires spun, kicking up snow.

Miracle jumped back with a "Squek!" Avoiding majority of the flying snow and ice as the vehicle took off.

She entered the warm building, unfastening her jacket, exposing her black tank top with a big yellow smiley face.

"Iz here to see Captain Mahone," Miracle replied to the receptionist.

Davna looked up from her work, tilting her head at the Mousian woman in front of her. The Captain was expecting someone, as Davna had earlier received the message that there were new arrivals that intended to speak with Captain Mahone, but this was not what she expected. Typically, by policy standards, they came in uniform. "Are you here to lodge a civilian complaint?" she asked politely. "We do have a person for that now. They're two floors down in Civilian Affairs."

"Iz Lieutenant Swiftpaws," Miracle showing the receptionist a PADD that contained her orders. "Mez stuff is still packed away." As she gave a wave in the general direction of the aerospace port.

Looking the woman up and down, the Orion yeoman looked behind her at the Captain's door. She turned again, tapping a few buttons on her console. "You can go ahead in."

"Squea.. Iz mean, thank yooz." Miracle smiled at the Orion Yeoman as she scampered by the desk and approached the door.

She entered when the door opened and scampered right in, up to Captain Mahone's desk. "Hi Mezlord Captain!" She spoke in a pleasant soft voice filled with anticipation of getting right in and fly someplace. "Iz Lieutenant Swiftpaws, Miracle." As she continued to speak, placing her orders on his desk, then stepping back to the proper distance. "Combat Pilot at yooz service. Got a aero craft and or spaceship. Iz can fly it." Eyes sparkled with merriment or mischiefs.

"Lieutenant..." Luka blinked at the Mousian, clearly taken aback by the woman's enthusiasm. As to was the young pup sitting at his feet, who yipped from underneath the desk, bounding around to sniff at the air around Swiftpaws. "I've seen your file. Chief Shuttle Craft Pilot, yes?"

"Az long az Iz can fly. Big ships to fighter crafts. Shuttles to worker bees." Miracle looked down at the pup who was checking her out. She lowered herself down to one knee and stretched out a paw hand so the pup could take her scent. "Heyaz little fellah."

Lugh padded closer, confused at the smell of the Mousian in front of him. In another moment, he was happily prancing around her, simply happy to have a new person to meet. The Captain, on the other hand, seemed perplexed by Miracle's sudden appearance. "There won't be any issue of flying things. The Starfleet shuttles are currently being utilized to assist the civilian population with the remainder of the replacement shipments, so there'll be much to do. I can't imagine there'll be a still point for awhile." He pulled out a PaDD from under a sizable stack, sliding it over to the other end of the desk. "They're not expecting you till tomorrow morning, but once you get yourself settled, it'll be a good idea to get to it - in proper attire, please."

After a quick pet to Lugh and a scratch behind the ears, Miracle stood up, returning to business at hand. She nodded as she listened to Captain Mahone. "Squeee." Softly as she accepted the PaDD as it was pushed near her. "Noz problem." She turned on the PaDD and looked over with a glance. Then titled her head at the mentioned of uniform. "Anything else, Mezlord Captain?" It was obvious she was ready to take off as she waited to be released.

"No, that will be all." Luka whistled lightly to call to Lugh, who was immediately dashing back to the Captain's side.

Miracle turned and scampered from the Captain Mahone's office. It was to find a place to settle in. It was a serious change of pace being back on a planet. She smiled she felt the wind through her hair and exposed fur.


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