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Posted on Mon Sep 2nd, 2019 @ 3:43pm by Captain Luka Mahone & Ensign Davna & Ensign James Goodnight

Mission: Canary
Location: Captain's Office, Command Center
Timeline: MD 01 : 0923 Hrs

James had only recently arrived, and as such was still learning his way around. Carrying a PADD with him most everywhere helped, but as he was approaching the end of his allowed transfer leave period, he figured it best to at least attempt to memorize the routes. The downside being, this was not a ship. No port or starboard sides to keep him on track, and most of the workforce were civilians just milling about. The smells of dirt and fresh air constantly assaulted his senses. Things he simply wasn't used to. James found them enjoyable regardless, far more so than recycled air for months on end.

He asked for directions often, which also served to highlight how the local colony members felt about the Starfleet presence overall, important in the newly commissioned Ensign's line of work.

Eventually he scheduled a reasonable time to go and meet with the Commanding Officer, he was still adjusting to how calm and friendly most were here on the colony, but old habits die hard and he was sweating bullets by the time he got there. James feared he might drench his uniform before arriving. His face was calm, but the rest of him was a bundle of nerves.

James made it to the door, which reminded him much of any other door you could find on ship, it was a small comfort born of familiarity. He took a deep breath breath, composed himself, and hit the panel by the door.

"Oh don't go in yet," mentioned the young Orion sitting at the nearby desk. As soon as she did, the sounds of scrambling and a string of yips erupted from the other side of the door. "He's still training Lugh. Not that I think Lugh's going to harm you at all, he's such a softie." Reaching over the desk, she pointed out a small bowl full of bone-shaped dog biscuits. "Just take one of those before you get in there. I'm Davna by the way. Are you his 2 PM? I don't think he even knows you're coming - "

Sure enough, the comm panel on her desk lit up as the yipping died down. "Is everything alright out there Davna?"

"Yes sir," came her cheery reply. "I just have someone who's here to see you. Ensign Goodnight?"

"Ensign who what?" A pause. "Let them in."

Davna smiled up at James as she tapped the bowl again. "Don't worry, neither of them bite."

A small frown if concern played across James' face. "I uh.." he stammered suddenly unsure of his new assignment, while mentally assessing his life choises that brought he here.

"You sure it's safe?" He asked half in amusement and half of genuine worry, taking a few of the offered treats.

"This has to be some sort of new guy ritual right?" He asked nobody in particular, Possibly some unseen deity, Or the door as he entered the office and assessed the scene played out before him.

Inside the office was a malamute pup, yipping happily and pouncing on the prone-positioned, red-uniformed Captain Mahone, who was happily giving the pup his hourly doses of pets as he lay belly up in the middle of his office. It was the dog who noticed James first, looking up at the new arrival, head tilting to one side. It would not take long before the familiar smell of treats had him bolting to James, yipping a couple times before seating himself at the man's feet.

Luka, on the other hand, sat upright, shaking his head at his 'vicious guard dog.' "You must be Ensign Goodnight. Please, if you can find your way around Lugh, sit." He gestured to the pair of comfortable lounge chairs off to one side of the large office space. "Anything to drink? How was the journey over?"

James chuckled to himself, and gleefully rewarded the pup's friendliness with the treats in hand, patting him as he walked to the seats. "Water, please." The "young" officer said as he eased himself into one of the chairs. "Young" being a measure of time as an officer and not of age as he looked older than most ensigns. "I half expected a Targ with all the noise made in here. And the trip was fine, as far as traveling at cruising speed goes. I'm actually not used to the luxury of officer life." James sighed contentedly as he leaned forward. "But I'm not one to complain. So how is life on a colony?" James asked earnestly, curious as to his new circumstances.

"Give it another couple of months," Luka began with a small laugh, standing and making his way over to a small tray at one of the farther counters to pull glasses from. "I was told he would be such a happy little monster that I would want a Targ."

It would not take long for Luka to have a glass of water and a replicated coffee for the pair, setting the glass on the table in front of James before seating himself. "That all depends on who you ask." Luka said, expression an even keel. "What have you seen so far?"



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