Haumea Colony

A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.

The Sim

Haumea Colony was settled above the land that formerly housed Kane Colony. The main civilian center building is what remains of the original colony's establishment, serving as the Town Hall and central area within the colony itself. Because of this, most of the refit technology is being slowly updated to recent times, though the decor is a fusion between that and its 23rd century roots.

The buildings surrounding the Town Hall are modular in nature, housing medical, scientific, and maintenance facilities. This area is where most of the Federation citizens and Starfleet personnel operate the day-to-day. The facilities are equipped with both civilian and Starfleet technology, a hybridization of what the Engineering Corps had in mind when they initially planned out the use of the modular format.

To the East is where the living modules are placed, room enough for a full town of people, as well as a small grouping of businesses for the denizens and visitors to partake in. The modules are spread out and upward, to accommodate any Federation member who intends on staying for any period of time.

To the far West is a forest, which contains gargantuan trees native to the land. As of yet, the forest has remained unturned, awaiting a team of explorers to poke through its depths.

To the North, a range of beautiful mountains that appeal to any adventurous sort, both during the winter and summer seasons.

And to the South... well, that remains to be discovered.

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