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Lieutenant JG Miracle Swiftpaws

Name Miracle Swiftpaws

Position Chief Support Craft Pilot

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mousian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.52 m (5ft)
Weight 43 kg (95 lbs)
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Has dark golden brown fur fading to white on her front side and coming up the underside of her muzzle, inside of her round ears is also white with pinkish tinge to it, dark warm sky blue eyes, and a long 4 foot slender prehensile tail which can lift light object up to ten pounds, her torso is that of a human female, hand paws has three fingers and an opposable thumb to grab things, wears whatever that's comfortable or required.

Wearing a formfitting black tank top with a bright yellow smiley face, Black cargo pants with sandals, a pistol belt (military style 20th century) with pouches to hold stuff in. Wrist computer about the size of a cell phone with radio connection for info transfer between it and what ever computer system she needs to access. Hair on duty is worn in a ponytail and loose down her back. Dark non-reflective silverish tag at the base of her left ear.


Father Benjiman (deceased)
Mother Maggie (deceased)
Brother(s) Junior (deceased
Sister(s) Sara (deceased)
Other Family Adopted into the Swiftpaw Clan

Personality & Traits

General Overview General Overview Being patient in nature and has better control of her aggressive tendencies, Having dealt with three older siblings, and cousins. Even though she can get overly excited and aggressive when needed.

Scholarly/technical type with combative edge and training, prefers to seek the peaceful way out of thing, but will fight to defend in what she believes in.

A quiet Lady's confidence in herself with an adventurist recklessness at times. Professional and works long hours when given an assignment. A bit tweaked from the torture she had endured.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Quick, agile and great physical stamina, high threshold for pain.

Weaknesses Shy,(until known), very curious, workaholic, Mentally unbalanced at time under great pressure or lack of sleep
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies & Interests Flying odd sorts of aerospace crafts, Music, Embroidery, Dancing, Weapons and Martial arts.
Languages Mousian (n), Human (e) and Galactic Trade speak.

Personal History Miracle, as any typical sentient being, was born last of three other siblings. She grew up in an agricultural society on the edge of the Beta Ring Civilized space of the Empire, even though the planet had a spaceport. A designated area of flat unusable lands, that easily flooded during the monsoon seasons turning the area into a field of sticky sand mud mixture, with several buildings and an area were junked ships are kept next to the maintenance hangers and a Control tower (two story building with a beacon to guide ships in and communications). Which dueled as the planetary airfield.

Her Father worked as a technician at the Spaceport along with her two older brothers as her sister took to administration and womanly pursuits along with her mother. Leaving her to her own devices when not in formal schools and chores at home.

She dreamed of going to the stars and when she was a teenager, she learned how to fly air crafts of varying means of lift, from hovercrafts through rotary wing (helicopters) and fixed wings. As well as to maintain them.

Then came the call of war from the Empire which they belonged to, Miracle seeing the big troop space transports hauling troops in on shore leave, providing a means to expand her horizon into infinity, much to her parents dismay, she enlisted answering the siren call of the stars that twinkled their summonings and the distance roar of defiance as ship clawing their way into space, bellowing their message to be part of something even greater than the simplistic life of a Grounder.

Miracle fought her way through the tough basic training courses with a fierce determination to be one of the best amongst her peers as her active physical youth helped her to withstand the grueling hours of training and her curiosity to learn and remember the hard won lessons through each encounter she faced, adding to the youthful swagger of confidence. Turning her into a harden well trained soldier. Then came the Advance training into the specialties that would determined her fate within the War Machine of the Empire. With her qualification and love for flying, she chose to become a fighter pilot to fly the sleek aerospace fighters.

Rising in distinction, and capacity for finding herself in all sorts of trouble that seamed to plague her life since she was weaned from her mother, advanced quickly into the notice of the Elite Imperial SASS (Special Air Space Service) and was cordially invited to join them in their organization which she accepted and she knew she found a home away from home.

Then came the encounter that sent her careening out of her niche within the SASS, The Empire fell as all Empires are destined to rise into glory and fall into ruins to only be remembered from the dusty tomes and artifacts left behind. She as most others with the means to do so, fled deeper outward from the familiar core rings into the uncharted outer rings. Miracle had nothing to hold her back as her home world now was nothing but an unwanted barren lifeless planet with the rusting hulks and remains of jagged ruined buildings peeking through the ever shifting granules of Terra firma and dust storms that rise and fall at the whims of the weather.

Seeking employment and means to return to space, joined a motley crew of various species and being smart enough to ally herself with the one's who could provide protection till something better came along, moving from one element to the next, whether it was criminal through the shades to legality and back again. All she cared about was her reputation and being able to fly, even hiring to the ones with the better pay and equipment. Even though she flew ships that were better off being scraped in most desperate times.

Running across an all Mousian Clanship, she petition the Clan Elders to join the clanship as crew. Earning their trust by her loyalty and dedication to the ship and those that call the Clanship their home in providing protection, teaching her skills to those less experienced than her and her peers and seniors with helpful knowledge on new techniques on how to do things.

Miracle worked her way into one of the most coveted position of trust, an advance scout pilot to find safe ports or places to sell merchandise and gain resources needed on the clan ship. With her skills and equipment from the Imperil SASS, Miracle was quite successful adverting many disasters and providing wealth of information to save the lives belonging to her new home, Clan ship Swiftpaws.

Then while out on a scouting mission within a new section of space, gotten separated from her Clan ship by another Reptilian species while planet bound. While escaping from them, managed to board the Federation Star ship and integrated herself into the crew by earning the trust of the Captain and crew.

When the ship was decommissioned and under the patronage of the Ship's Captain, started Star fleet Academy via Correspondence Courses to get her commission within Star fleet and remain with the ship as a valuable member of the ship under the Captain's Guidance and patronage.

After a disastrous mission of transporting deadly criminals to the Federation Penal Colonies, She went to a Branch Fleet Academy to get a proper education. She excelled in her studies and Challenge testing out of courses to shorten her stay and get back to the stars in her never ending quest to be reunited, or establish contact, with her species-kin.

Service Record Service Record Military Service ::
Imperial Independent Defense Force
Black Reaper : Imperial SASS Team 26 // Special Diplomatic Currier Services
smuggler//blockade runner// Independent Soldier of Fortune // Pilot/Tech

USS Caliburn becoming part of the crew and star fleet

USS Valorous / Star Fleet Academy :: Major: Pilot, Astro-navigation; Minor: engineering (correspondence courses) / CFO - Lt'JG

Branch Starfleet Academy :: continued education while on the job as a shuttle / test pilot / Reserve Fighter pilot.

USS Valorous :: CFO Lt.JG.

Fleet HQ Shuttle Service // Awaiting Re-assignment.

USS Endeavour :: CFO Lt.JG
" " : Promotion to Lieutenant

Haumea Colony : Chief Pilot Ltjg

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