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Ensign James Goodnight

Name James Goodnight

Position Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 67'
Weight 167lbs
Hair Color Brown/Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Athletic build,light hair, if unshaven a bright red beard can be seen. A friendly expression usually plastered to his face.


Father Paul Goodnight
Mother Robyn Goodnight

Personality & Traits

General Overview A generally friendly person, he aims to ingratiate himself to most people without being a pushover. If the Situation calls for it he reverts to his military training to get the job done in a serious, no nonsense manner. Enjoy a strong drink on occasion, rarely lets it consume him for an evening.
Strengths & Weaknesses Judgmental and overly practical at times, he sees the world for what is it, but understands that it isn't anyone's fault, it just is. and does his best to have fun and enjoy it. Good at finding solutions to problems. Sometimes people, usually things.
Ambitions Wants to see how far his career can take him. He views life as a rather short adventure, may as well explore as much as possible.
Hobbies & Interests He truly enjoys marksmanship, a hold over from his days as an infantry Marine. additionally he enjoys fixing things, from weapons to hover craft, he may drive the engineering staff crazy with his attempts to "improve" the replicator. Self taught tinkerer.

Maintains and loves a small collection of Klingon weapons.

Personal History Having grown up in the region of Old Texas on earth, he always had a healthy respect for military service, his family had been serving as far back as records could go. it only felt natural that he did the same. Always having a fascination for tools a weapons he felt very at home in the woods and swamps across the state. Dated off and on growing up, never really felt like getting married, as often as people told him he'd be lonely, he found family and friends closer than most relationships in the fleet.
Service Record Enlisted at 19 in the Starfleet Marines, he spent his early military career learning everything one can about how to engage every rival empire on the edge of federation space. And then even theoretical scenarios.Fleet engagements where rare skirmishes with pirates
after most of the wars died down. Often haze of boarding actions, or repelling enemy boarders. The Jem'hadar, klingons, and Cadassians all had representatives amoung pirate ships, along with their species distinctive inherent advantage over the primarily human complement of Human marines in most engagements. After which he applied to Starfleet intelligence in order to further his career and serve the federation in a more interesting capacity. He has seen what the enemies of the federation are capable of at the tactical level, he would prefer to avoid others having to share the same fate. He does not hold a grudge against the races he fought, if anything he has learned to respect them.

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