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September Monthly Update

Posted on Fri Sep 20th, 2019 @ 2:05pm by Captain Luka Mahone

Hey all!

So I've obviously been lagging, and I once again appreciate you all for hanging with me on that. It'll take another two weeks before I can maybe resurface? The new job, while absolutely amazing, is also super busy at the moment while the store opens up.

And I absolutely apologize for the disruption to the flow of our story because of all this. I did not plan accordingly, but life blows up in peoples' faces like that, and I intend to move forward.

While I'm in the middle of this transitional period for myself, I'm going to take a suggestion that was made on the Discord (thank you Cam!) to move up with some sideplots. I'll throw some ideas in via the discord in the rumors and plotting channels, and everyone is welcome to pitch in in whatever manner they please.

The timeline for these sideplots should take place between Mission Days 01 and 11, which will be alongside the Canary mission itself. I may throw in for a post or two, but after I throw plot ideas and snags at you all, it's up to you guys! Some of these ideas will revolve around the And please please please don't feel limited by whatever plot grenade I lob at you either. Take this time to character develop, do what you will, but please do so within reason. Aka don't go commandeering a whole herd of daucin and wrecking havoc throughout the town.

I expect my speckled absence will take place just in two weeks. I'll respond as often as I can to what I have, pop in when I can, etc. When I return, I'll do some check ins with players, and we can get the big mission party show on the road! Next month will see an overhaul of some policies and background tidbits.

On another note, Haumea Colony is one year old! A special thanks to our one year members, Becca, Cam, Sean, and Andrew for keeping things alive, and a thanks to those who have joined us after for sticking with it! Here's to another great year!


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