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July Monthly Update

Posted on Fri Jul 19th, 2019 @ 2:13pm by Captain Luka Mahone

Hello all! It's only ... two thirds through the month, and I've got some updates for you!

First, we have our new welcomes!

- We've got David, who's playing Cornelius Warner, Head of Silver Tongue Brewing!
- Dan will play our Logistics Manager, Jessica Stevens!
- Rachel is our final arrival, and will be playing Mousian Chief Support Craft Pilot, Miracle Swiftpaws.

Both Cornelius and Jessica mark two more civilian (mostly) arrivals, while Miracle marks our first player-made race!

Second up, Mission Updates!

I'm going to keep Snow Birds open for a little bit longer, but not by much, as the Vesta has moved on in her timeline.

As for Deep Freeze, we're just waiting on another post or two to finish up, and we'll be finished with the final bits of 2395.

Canary posts are in progress, and I intend to keep to timeline as listed in the mission notes. As I'm trying to be a little different with this mission, events are a bit... loose, past what's listed. And we have a new image too! Woo!

Over the next few days, I'm going to go in and properly date the missions based on year (and maybe month, but let's not get ahead of ourselves).

And Our Final Drumroll... Obsidian Day!

I should call it fleet announcements. I dropped the ball on poking at people to nominate for Obsidian Day awards, but that doesn't mean I can't announce Obsidian Day itself! For those who may not know, Obsidian Day is a day-long celebration of the fleet's success and a collaboration of great ideas via a discord channel in the main Obsidian Fleet discord. The event's details are located HERE for any interested parties. If you want a link to OF's discord, let me know and I can throw an instant invite your way.

Phew! That should be all this time around. As always, you can catch me in the discord or anywhere else you know I lurk!


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