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June Monthly Update

Posted on Mon Jun 3rd, 2019 @ 9:31am by Captain Luka Mahone

Hello all, it's that time again!

We've done really well last month, especially with the return of Sean and the addition of our new member Kim! And our post count was pretty spiffy too, but each of those posts were quality!

Unfortunately, I come with some bad news too. Both Conchy, player of Shurlok, and Dwina, player of Alex Flynn, have resigned from the simulation for the time being. As always, they're more than welcome to return, but their writing travels are taking them elsewhere. We did also lose our Chief Microbiologist, Jackson Parks.

In others, much more positive news, I'm going to move us onward to our next mission in the next week or so. All we need is one or two more posts to wrap up Deep Freeze, and we'll move onto Canary. I'll release the information for this once I have it, so keep an eye out on the discord and in the Mission Notes section. I'm gonna try something a little different, so bare with me as I do.

I've also been hiding the achievements from most of you, and I apologize for that. That, along with Obsidian Fleet awards should be updated soon. I do intend to update as much as I can this month so we have a better idea of some of the items you've been curious about, such as housing and the like. If you'd like some input, or need to know what x, y, or z is like, please let me know! This is everyone's simulation, and I'm more than happy to incorporate everyone's ideas.

That should be most of the big stuff. I'll keep everyone posted as we keep on, as per usual. Have a good June!


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