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Welcome to the Haumea Colony!

Located on the surface of an uninhabited planet known as Xaeprea, deep within Beta Quadrant, Haumea Colony holds many wonders for the budding scientist, the intrepid diplomat, and the wandering adventurer. As a joint venture between Starfleet and the Federation's many civilians, there is a bounty of opportunities for those who wish for a change of pace and a chance to take a piece of what could be a brand new lifestyle!

Haumea Colony is a Star Trek roleplaying simulation set in the year 2395, and is a proud member of Task Force 72-A within Obsidian Fleet. Here, we try something a little different; player involvement not only through simulation play, but also through overall plot input. On Haumea, we strive to give players a chance to actually help mold the storyline, working together with the Staff so that everyone is having a good time!

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» March/April Monthly Update

Posted on Thu Apr 4th, 2019 @ 7:16am by Commander Luka Mahone in General News

So I'm throwing in March with April this month to make it easier and update y'all on some important stuff.

First thing's first, you'll find that Groundwork has officially been closed. I've already taken a peek, but if anyone has a Groundwork post still in the works somewhere, you'll have to backpost it in Deep Freeze.

Also opened up is a mission called Snow Birds. This mission is not officially a Haumea mission, but instead a shore leave with our Task Group's flagship, the USS Vesta. Effectively, this shore leave propels Haumea into Obsidian Fleet's canon year, 2396. No one is required to post in Snow Birds, but instead this serves as a log of posts that myself and Becca will make with the Vesta's crew. This also serves as an excuse for me to tie up plot points that will briefly be touched upon in Deep Freeze, such as an official IC promotion of Haumea's Executive Officer, etc etc.

Which reminds me! At the end of Deep Freeze, I will be taking the liberty to make a couple of IC promotions. Some of these will not be spoiled in the slightest, but most prominent of which is the I'm officially naming Sean, player of Sera Williams (formerly Diane Kent) as Haumea's Executive Officer. This will not occur until the point in time mentioned above for sake of sense making and the like, but when we get ourselves all situated, he'll have just as much say as I do. Everyone be good!

In other news, I've officially added the Silver award we've won for February, and I'm going to take the moment to say that I'm proud to be CO of such a good group of people, and I hope we're able to make plenty of wonderful stories together. There's going to be a little bit more minor housekeeping points that I'll make over the next two-three weeks.

Finally, more of a heads up than anything else, I'm moving at the end of the month. Some of you have been made aware of this fact already. Starting the 23rd, I will no longer be on one end of town, but in another. There's going to be an adjustment period that is an indeterminate length. I don't anticipate it being that long, but it will be however long it takes for me to get the internet set up and myself somewhat unpacked and readjusted. I'll be reachable via discord, but there will be a minor downtime on my end for posts. I'm hoping to set everyone up for at least a week's worth of updating while I'm away.

That should be it. It was a doozy this month and last, but better this news than no news!

» February Monthly Update

Posted on Wed Mar 6th, 2019 @ 11:46pm by Commander Luka Mahone in General News

Wow late huh?

So the short month of February was real nice for the Colony. We had a grand total of two new members (I know I said three, but we had a reasonable drop). I will be removing the character shortly, so if anyone knows of a player who wants to play CMO, invite them! Or else Luka is gonna doctor it up muahahahaha!

In other news, our major mission plots are a bit slow going, but if that's the pace we all end up ok with, I'm not going to push it. Numbers are always nice to look at, but so long as we're all enjoying ourselves, I would much rather that. The mission will ramp up after I get my computer back to running status, but expect some updates and some plotting coming your way soon.

Onto a rather different set of news, I've got some promotions in the works toward the end of the mission. The most important to note is that I've chosen an Executive Officer for an IC and OOC standing. Sean, player of our current Chief Ops Officer Sera Williams (and Diane Kent, by extension), will be filling out that role on both fronts. ICly, Sera will be promoted by the end of the mission.

That's all I can think of right now, thank you much and let's keep up the good work!

» January Monthly Update

Posted on Thu Jan 31st, 2019 @ 7:49am by Commander Luka Mahone in General News

Hello all! Welcome to the monthly update, Nova style!

Obviously the biggest update is that we've moved! I believe everyone's currently moved over as well. Let me know if there are technological issues, I've missed a post, or some other such. And a special thanks to Utopia Host (and Becca, by extension) for getting us rolling! I'm working on importing all the lore and expanding upon that, so over the next week or so expect to see that going.

As for our activity levels, we're working out great. Everyone's in some sort of post, and I know I've got more in the wings to start up. If anyone wishes to throw an NPC in, let me know and we can sort it out. You'll be seeing quite a few from me. Next month, let's blow our counts out of the water and get some great stories set up!

Our plot is rolling along slow but smooth, with our focuses on the Io's Investigation as well as our major plot rolling along. With Diane's new promotion, we're sure to be making some waves!

Achievements and awards will be set up soon, and I'll roll out a smaller update to go along with it. Also anticipate some recruiting coming up, though on the minor angle as we've got a solid team going into the second month of the year.

Thank you all, and I hope February is better than ever!

Latest Mission Posts

» Mystery of the Mystery Boom

Mission: Deep Freeze
Posted on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 @ 7:26am by Commander Luka Mahone & Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Petty Officer 3rd Class Marcus Grey Horse

OOC - Shi: The major key points of this post are to investigate the closed off medical labs within the Io’s hold. This was the place of the first explosion, and therefore the first potential source. You’re the security officers, so obviously you’re leading the mission. Luka’ll be a little…

» The Plan (Meeting Time Pt. 1)

Mission: Deep Freeze
Posted on Thu Apr 11th, 2019 @ 4:38am by Commander Luka Mahone & Lieutenant Commander Sofia Nikedoros & Lieutenant Theodore Winslow & Lieutenant Sera Williams & Lieutenant JG Shurlok & Oliver Stone & Diane Kent

It was on Davna's suggestion that Luka lured his senior staff in with promise of food; specifically danishes from the civilian-run bakery that the young ensign found in the town proper. And so it was that Luka had the ready room cleaned and prepared for what was going to be…

» Old Acquaintance

Mission: Snow Birds
Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 4:39am by Lieutenant Commander Sofia Nikedoros

Dr. Sorenson set out his ski gear and a change of dry clothes for tomorrow. The guest quarters were in no way the Ritz, but they were clean and comfortable. He guessed that they had probably been designed with visiting merchant crews in mind, though they might also be adequate…

» A Lack of Faith

Mission: Deep Freeze
Posted on Sun Apr 7th, 2019 @ 3:38pm by Commander Luka Mahone & Lieutenant Commander Sofia Nikedoros

It had been two days since Luka's acceptance of the Commanding Officer position, and he could feel the jitters as he walked through the snow-covered civilian square. The chill in the air did not make that any better. His stroll through the square was met with the various faces and…

» Sweet Dreams, Bitter Realities

Mission: Snow Birds
Posted on Thu Apr 4th, 2019 @ 7:02am by Commander Luka Mahone

Luka was regretting installing a doorbell in the beginnings of his new home. But, as the otherwise pleasant chirrup echoed throughout a half-furnished, one bedroom house, he was hard-pressed to ignore it. Especially since it had been going on for the past ten minutes. He slowly rose from his bed,…

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