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A Play-by-Nova roleplay game.

Welcome to the Haumea Colony!

Located on the surface of an uninhabited planet known as Xaeprea, deep within Beta Quadrant, Haumea Colony holds many wonders for the budding scientist, the intrepid diplomat, and the wandering adventurer. As a joint venture between Starfleet and the Federation's many civilians, there is a bounty of opportunities for those who wish for a change of pace and a chance to take a piece of what could be a brand new lifestyle!

Haumea Colony is a Star Trek roleplaying simulation set in the year 2395, and is a proud member of Task Force 72-A within Obsidian Fleet. Here, we try something a little different; player involvement not only through simulation play, but also through overall plot input. On Haumea, we strive to give players a chance to actually help mold the storyline, working together with the Staff so that everyone is having a good time!

Current Mission

Latest News Items

» January Monthly Update

Posted on Thu Jan 31st, 2019 @ 7:49am by Commander Luka Mahone in General News

Hello all! Welcome to the monthly update, Nova style!

Obviously the biggest update is that we've moved! I believe everyone's currently moved over as well. Let me know if there are technological issues, I've missed a post, or some other such. And a special thanks to Utopia Host (and Becca, by extension) for getting us rolling! I'm working on importing all the lore and expanding upon that, so over the next week or so expect to see that going.

As for our activity levels, we're working out great. Everyone's in some sort of post, and I know I've got more in the wings to start up. If anyone wishes to throw an NPC in, let me know and we can sort it out. You'll be seeing quite a few from me. Next month, let's blow our counts out of the water and get some great stories set up!

Our plot is rolling along slow but smooth, with our focuses on the Io's Investigation as well as our major plot rolling along. With Diane's new promotion, we're sure to be making some waves!

Achievements and awards will be set up soon, and I'll roll out a smaller update to go along with it. Also anticipate some recruiting coming up, though on the minor angle as we've got a solid team going into the second month of the year.

Thank you all, and I hope February is better than ever!

Latest Mission Posts

» Helping Those In Need

Mission: Deep Freeze
Posted on Sun Feb 17th, 2019 @ 1:31pm by Oliver Stone

His home had been fabricated the way he wanted, in the style of a ranch house with it's own stables to the side. It even had horses which made him happy. This was one of the perks of being the Director that with him being there from the beginning his…

» Reflecting Light

Mission: Groundwork
Posted on Fri Feb 15th, 2019 @ 4:58pm by Lieutenant Commander Sofia Nikedoros

Moving quietly in candlelit effect of subdued lighting, Rev. Sofia Nikedoros surveyed those gathered in the packed chapel. Considering the reasons, she wished it were as sparsely populated as might usually be expected. The seats are filled with those praying or mourning or both and the meditation rooms had been…

» The Interview

Mission: Groundwork
Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 4:42pm by Commander Luka Mahone & Diane Kent

Sumi Saloon had seen no end to their business since the crash of the [I]Io[/I]. Both civilian and Starfleet alike found haven within its walls, hosting one rowdy party after another. But that was something Aarav had expected, hence the seemingly endless supply of alcohol that flowed throughout the night.…

» The First Cold

Mission: Deep Freeze
Posted on Sat Feb 9th, 2019 @ 7:01am by Seshi Macae & Oliver Stone

Since the crash of the USS Io, the small town within Haumea was abuzz with life, both from the civilian and the new Starfleet staff alike. The return of Aarav Macae to the Saloon was also met with a swing of activity in the establishment, mostly due in part to…

» Intrepid Meeting

Mission: Groundwork
Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 10:06pm by Diane Kent & Lieutenant Theodore Winslow

With the first story being written, the hard part was always pressing submit. Diane could not peel her eyes off of the one command on her PADD. Was the story a good representation of the facts, would it catch the interest of the consumer? These were always questions that she…

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